Events Rundown Video for Instagram

Overview of the Process:

  • Select events from the calendar.
  • Update weekly events in Photoshop text file.
  • Replace weekly events Photoshop text file in Premier.
  • As needed, update the background campus video.

Selection of Events:

Events are pulled from the calendar page. The priority goes to events listed as open to the “General Public”. Usually these are university, college, or department sponsored events. If there is not an event listed or an appropriate event listed for a day, then events open to “Students, Staff, and Faculty” are considered. If there are multiple events that meet the above requirements, priority goes to the event that has the most complete event page. This includes but is not limited to, cover photo, description of event and clickable links (if applicable).

Adobe Photoshop:

Located on the server (/OnTrack/Web-IM-general/Social Media/Events Video Files), there are Photoshop templates for five, six, and seven days worth of events named as follows:

  • Events-5-Dates
  • Events-6-Dates
  • Events-7-Dates

The font size is usually 36, but the text layers are individually adjusted for spacing depending on the length of the event’s name and location. Export as a .png file for use in Adobe Premiere using the naming system: Week of [Dates] Events.png.

The “Events this week @ChapmanU” and the “Discover more at” slides exist in this folder as well as both .psd and .png files.

Adobe Premier:

Also located in the “Events Video Files” folder on the server is the Working Video Files Premier Project (.prproj). The project is set up with a frame size of 1024 x 1024w, a 1:1 ratio. The video layers are as follows: V3- Photoshop text files, V2- Adjustment layer to provide the slightly faded background so the text is readable, V1- Background video files.

Video files in the Adobe Premiere Timeline

Sequences with varying background video content of campus have been created as well. New background video is captured and a new sequence is created each month. The opening video with Schmid Gate and the ending video of the Gentle Springs Fountain remain the same.

After duplicating the sequence with the video files you wish to use, rename the copied sequence with the following naming system: Week of [Date] Events. Replace the “Week of [Date] Events.png file in the sequence, and add the “Film Dissolve” transition back in between the V3 video layer files.

Following the export of the sequence as an .mp4, the video file is then uploaded to the “events video” Google drive folder for easy upload to Instagram from the iPhone/iPod.