Adding Additional Element to Widget

This article will cover how to include multiple elements in the same widget, i.e. multiple tabs or multiple collapsible regions in the same widget. For this example, we are focusing on “Tabs,” but adding elements is the same for all widgets.

Step 1: Select the page you’re going to update and click “Edit.”

Note: Make sure that the page you want to edit is highlighted in the site content menu.

Step 2: Go to the widget where you wish to add more elements to (in this example, tabs). You will see that next to the first tab, there is a green plus sign on the very right hand side. Click it to add a new tab.

Step 3: You have now added a new tab to your widget. If you would like to learn how to move your tabs, visit moving an element in your widget.

If you have questions or need help with adding elements to a widget, please contact your web coordinator.

Go to: Getting Started: Cascade CMS