Adding Alternate Text to an Instagram Image

Adding Alternate Text to an Instagram Image

As of November 2018, Instagram has added two new accessibility features for the vision impaired. First is an automatic generation of alt text based on object recognition. This feature does not require any additional steps in the posting process.

The second new feature is the ability to include custom alternate text to an image to improve accessibility for vision impaired users. This is not a requirement in the posting process considering that alt text is automatically generated, but this could be considered an opportunity to paint a more vivid picture for vision impaired followers of our accounts.


Select the photo for posting

Select the photo that you intend to post as normal. This process has not changed.

Select Advanced options on the caption page

After you’ve selected your photo and moved onto the caption step, select “Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the options.

Add Alternate Text

After you’ve selected the “Advanced Settings” and tapped on the “Write Alt Text” button, you will be able to add your own custom alternate text. Again, this is an optional step as Instagram automatically generates text based on image recognition, but this is an opportunity to be more descriptive and deliver a unique user experience for the vision impaired.

Finishing Up

After typing your new Alt Text in the box provided, tap “Done” and continue posting as usual.