Best Practices for At-Home Photography

Clean Your Camera Lens 

It seems simple, but often the lens of your camera becomes dirty or smudged. Take a soft cloth and gently clean the camera area.

grid optionsTurns on Your Camera’s Grid Setting

Using your camera’s grid features will help you keep the vertical and horizontal lines in your image straight.

  • In iSO, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid. From there, enable “Grid.”
  • In Android devices, visit Settings > Apps > Camera and select “Grid Lines.”

Pay Attention to Your Lighting 


Avoid using flash as much as possible. Try looking for a room with natural light coming from a large window, for instance.  For best results, the light source should be behind you so that it illuminates the person or object you are photographing. For outdoor results, try shooting in late afternoon sunlight .

Use Portrait Mode When There’s light 

Portrait mode allows you to blur the background in your photos so the subject comes into sharper focus. While this feature often results in a more visually appealing image, avoid using it when there is a little light.

women at cameraAvoid Digital Zoom

When you use your camera’s digital zoom, you lose a lot of the image’s detail, resulting in a low-resolution photo. Instead of zooming in, try taking a few steps closer to your subject.