Best Practices for Filming with a Phone

1. Have phone positioned horizontally (landscape mode).

2. Find a quiet place for clean audio.

3. Use a well-lit area, but do not have a bright window or light behind you, to avoid a blown out background.

4. Stabilize phone by placing on a flat surface or tripod (even a music stand can work).

5. Clean phone camera lens before shooting.

6. Avoid too little space or excess space above your head but make sure entire face is visible.

7. Use Rule of Thirds for positioning yourself in the frame. When framing a shot, you want to place the eyes at the intersection of the grid lines.

To turn on grid on an iPhone go to:

Settings -> Camera -> Grid

8. Avoid zooming in for tighter shot, instead move where the phone is.

9. Lock your phone focus and exposure. With camera open and video selected, press and hold on the screen until AE/AF Lock appears.

10. Put phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions.

11. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax and be yourself. You will end up being your most authentic self!

Please refrain from using virtual backgrounds on your video.

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