Submitting A Page

This article will show you how to submit a webpage in Cascade.

Be sure to follow ALL of the steps in this document, or your page might be stuck as a draft and never end up reaching a Web Coordinator for approval. 

Step 1: Once you’ve arrived on the page you’re going to edit, click on the “Edit” button. If there isn’t an Edit button in the top right of the screen then you likely don’t have permissions to update this page.

Step 2: Make your edits and click the “Preview Draft” button (previously known as the Save & Preview button).

Step 3: Every time you click “Preview Draft”, you’ve created a draft of your changes and can view the page within Cascade.  Take a moment at this point to  look over your page changes and make sure all of your updates have been correctly implemented. If they haven’t, either click Edit to return to make additional changes, or you may also click Discard to get rid of them and start fresh. If you are satisfied and ready to make it live, click Submit. NOTE, the “Submit” button may also sometimes be called “Advance”. They are the same thing.


Step 4: After pressing “Submit” (or “Advance”) you are entering the workflow screens. There are several so make sure you see it through to the last one.

On the first one you can provide a version comment (recommended so the Version History for this page is useful to you and the web team).

You will also, depending on your role, have the opportunity submit your page, with or without checking the content for spelling errors, broken links and accessibility. The “Start Workflow” button will skip those screens, and the “Check Content & Submit” button will pause at 3 interim screens showing you those issues, if there are any.  We highly encourage you to do the always check your content.

Step 5: Click “Check Content & Submit” to enter into the workflow. This locks the page under your userid, logs the version comments and proceeds to the content checker screens.

Depending on if have spelling errors, or broken links, or accessibility issues, it may show you 1, 2 or 3 interim screens. The numbers in red circles tell you how many potential issues there are. You can use the Arrow keys to go through each screen, or skip them by clicking on the Checkmark icon. For each screen you can review and then Ignore or Fix each item. Use the Arrow keys to advance to the next screen.

When done click on the Checkmark icon on the far right.


Step 6: The next screen is the first of the Workflow screens. It will show the Version Comments again and from here you should “Start Workflow” in top right corner to kick off the workflow processes.


Step 7: The next Workflow screen gives you a choice of 3 links for the next step:

  • CONTINUE EDITING – will lock this page under your userid so noone else can change it, then return you to Edit mode. It will not advance for publishing
  • PUBLISH TO TEST SERVER ONLY – will lock this page under your userid so noone else can change it, then publish your edited version to the site. It will nt advance for publishing to the live site.
  • REQUEST TO PUBLISH (LIVE) – will lock the page so noone else (including you) can change it until it’s published to the live site, and will advance it to the Web Coordinators in SMC department for review and publishing to the site. Once published the page is no longer locked.

Choose one of the above links. If you chose Request to Publish (Live) this will advance your page to the Web Coordinators for their final QA and Accessibility review, and publishing to the live site once approved.  On your Dashboard in Cascade this page will be listed in the Workflows until published. After publishing there will be a Notification listed about this page on your Dashboard.


Step 8: You may see this interim screen for comments about the workflow, you do NOT need to enter anything but you do need to click Submit Comment to continue. If you click Cancel it will take you back to the above 3 links. The workflow comments screen looks like this:

Step 9. You are done if your screen now shows that the Current Step Owner is Web-Coordinators.

As always if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to your Web Coordinator.


Go to: Getting Started: Cascade CMS