Uploading Files in Cascade

This is an article regarding uploading files. If the file you’re looking to upload is simply an update of an existing file, please reference this article on replacing files, as to avoid multiple uploads/needless files. 

Step 1: Make sure that you are in the _files folder or one of it’s subfolders and have actually “selected” it. If you don’t do this very important step your file will get uploaded to another area of the Site Tree. Navigate to the folder you want and then click the small arrow to the right of the folder name to “select” it.


The full path should be reflected in the folder shown in the main screen.


Step 2: Click the “+ Add Content” link in the black bar across the top of the screen. (The old way was to click the NEW menu).


Step 3: From the Website Files, sub-menu of choices, click on Files:


Step 4: Use the link to choose a file (or drag a file from your desktop into the area as shown below):

Once received, it will display the image in the screen and show you the dimensions and file size.


Step 5: Double-check that the Placement Folder is actually the _files folder (or one of it’s subfolders). If not you will have a chance to click on that and navigate to the correct receiving folder


Step 6: Please check and change the File Name of the image or pdf file to follow our naming conventions. Those are that it should be short and descriptive, all lower case, and making use of hyphens where spaces would have been so that it’s readable. For example, if the image on your computer is call “IMG 6123.jpg” or “Photo of Pool (final version).jpg” then you need to rename it eg pool-reflection.jpg


Step 7: When ready, click Save & Preview button in top right.  Then click Submit button to advance the draft of this image into the workflow so that it gets published out to the website and is ready for use on your web pages.


Step 8: At this point the file is saved as a draft but you need to submit the file so that you can begin the Workflow process that is setup to automatically publish your files to the web site so they are available for use on your web pages. Be sure to complete all the steps below. Click Submit in top right corner.


Step 9: If you have a version comment you may enter it here, then click Start Workflow button to advance it thru the steps.


Step 10: Since files don’t go through any form of approval process, you may leave the Comments for reviewer blank and you do not need to alter the Workflow Name. However you still need to click a final Start Workflow button to advance it thru the very last step of publishing the file.

Once completed you will see that the new file is listed in the Site Tree in the folder you selected.