Cascade: Changing the Type of Modular Template on a Page

After a page is created it may be necessary to change the type of template you originally selected. It is possible to change from a 2 column template to 3 column template or the reverse: 3 column template to 2 column template. If you are downsizing from 3 Column to 2 Column please take note and backup or copy all content that exists on the page because it will be impacted by the change.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into Cascade and select the page you would like to update. Click on Edit.
  2. Click on the Configure tab at the top of the Edit window:
    1. Click on Configure icon in the Edit window of Cascade
  3. Click under Content Type:
  4. Change Cascade template: click on Content Type
  5. When the new window opens click over to Browse. You will see Content Types / Modular and will have a few options. Please only select 2 Column or 3 Column. If you would like to use any of the other templates please contact your web coordinator to discuss first.
    1.  Cascade changing template by selecting the new modular template you would like
  6. After selecting the new template click on Choose and then Preview Draft. If everything looks correct you can go back into the Edit window and begin updating the content on the page.