Changing out the Homepage Stories and Featured Stories

Updated April 5, 2018

Each week we rotate out the top story and trending stories on the homepage. Dawn Bonker provides the stories and we plug them into Cascade. Below is the workflow detail:

  1. Dawn will send one (1) story each week, usually to Andy unless he is out of the office. In that event he will define a designated Web Coordinator to fill in for him during his absence.
    1. Included in what Dawn sends should be the link to the blog post that will take the place of the Top Story, a photo and the headline to be used. If this is not included you’ll need to ask her for it.
  2. The existing top story will be replaced with Dawn’s new story, and will be moved to the ‘Trending Stories” section in the first spot. The existing third spot article will be pushed off the homepage and no longer utilized.
    1. Sample workflow: Dawn sends new Top Story > Existing Top Story moves to first spot in Trending Stories > Existing first spot Trending Story moves to second spot > Existing second spot Trending Story moves to third spot >Existing third spot Trending Story is removed from the homepage.
  3. The new Top Story will be added to the “Featured” section of the news and events widget and will be switched out once per month, beginning on May 1, 2018

Chapman Family Stories

These are the two blog stories found at the bottom of the homepage and typically relate to Alumni News or something relating to the Chapman Family.

  1. Each month on the first of the month, Hallie will send Andy her choices for the two Chapman Family stories.
  2. She will include a headline, photo and link to the blog post.
  3. The two existing posts will be removed and the new selections will take their place.

When finished with all of the above tasks, spin around in a circle no less than three (3) times, sit back down and quietly rest your head on your desk for a period of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 7 minutes.