Chapman University Onboarding Guide – Working with Strategic Marketing and Communications

Welcome to Chapman!

As you settle into your new role we would like to share how we can best work together for marketing needs. Below is a guide of current resources and training materials for tools you will use when working with our team. 

As a quick overview, here are the major digital communication systems we use on campus. Trainings for each tool are listed in another section below. 

  • Main Website (Cascade CMS) – For updates to our main website:
  • (Custom tool) – Digital signage (tv) screens and slides around campus.
  • (Custom tool) – Centralized events calendar listings. Main landing page/tool used for institutional event promotions.
  • (WordPress) – School/College/Department blogs.
  • (WordPress) – Central institutional news and stories (SMC-Run).
  • Mass Email Communication (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) – For mass email sends.
  • Social Media – There are school-specific accounts which are run by the schools/colleges/departments, and there are institutional accounts run by the Digital Marketing Strategist in SMC.
  • Working@Chapman – Your One-Stop Employee Resource Center. The faculty and staff Working@Chapman newsletter is sent on Mondays and Wednesdays.

General Resources

  • For SMC request and support
    • SMC oversees marketing and communication needs (public facing). We work with campus partners on bigger marketing projects and support you with the self-service systems noted on this page. For internal facing system questions, please reach out to IS&T.
    • SMC uses a system called Workfront to manage marketing projects. You can submit project requests through this request form. This is always a good place to start to ensure a member from our team addresses your request.  Workfront is accessible using your Single Sign On/Chapman login.  If you have any Workfront questions, please reach out to Shirin Khodabandehloo.
    • Photoshelter – While still being developed by our photo/video team, this is our digital asset management system with photos you can download for your usage.
    • – If Photoshop is not your thing, this is a simplified cropping tool we developed that allows you to upload an image and resize it. There is a list of predefined image sizes related to Chapman systems, too (once you upload a photo, the list of image size options will appear).
    • Stationery Orders (Precision) – This is the system you can use to order business cards, letterhead, notecards, and other stationery items.
    • Chapman Writing Style Guide – For some pointers and specifics on Chapman writing rules.
    • Strategic Marketing and Communication resources:
  • Communicators Council
    • We have a campus-wide Communicators Council that meets monthly.  Each department has a designated communicator that attends these meetings and receives these emails. If you would like to be the new contact for your team, please submit a Workfront request. The Communicators Council is composed of people around campus in similar roles. This is a council to discuss changes, get feedback and train on new processes and systems. Also, it’s a way to connect with similar campus peers.

Digital Communication Systems Resources

  • Website (Cascade) 
  • Email (Campaign Monitor; moving toward Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
  • Digital Signage 
    • Signage.chapman login (connected to Single Sign On/Chapman login).
    • You might be added as a sign approver to any screens in your building(s), which means you will get approval requests from folks requesting to be on the screens in your building(s).
      • You may want to set up an email rule if you are managing multiple signs.
      • If you are the owner of any screens, any slide requests can be approved or denied per your needs and relevancy. Just know this is a connected network for campus, so play nice please. Timely approval/denial is appreciated.
      • It is helpful to add a calendar reminder to check your sign approvals on a weekly basis.
    • This is a central public events calendar for Chapman. 
    • For super admin permissions, we need you to sign in once to to log your account.
    • Usually, the event owner or the super admin for the school/college/department updates the event details. We send out reminders to both individuals connected to an event.
    • All events scheduled in the 25live event scheduling system and marked as public make it to the calendar in a basic form. These usually need updating. Contact with any questions about scheduling on-campus events.
    • You can also add an event (that is not scheduled through the 25live system) directly by using this form:
  • (Managed by each School/College/Department)
    • We need you to log in once using the login prompt at the top corner of your School/College/Department blog page so it registers your account. 
    • Blogs are often used as the repository for School/College/Department stories that get shared out in social and in emails. is home to the bigger stories (see next section). 
    • We also use Disqus for a commenting system that we will get you set up with unless you want to hide comments on the blogs universally.
  • (Institutional News and Stories) – Managed by SMC
  • Working@Chapman
    • This is our internal communications channel for faculty and staff announcements. 
    • If you would like to share an event or announcement for possible inclusion in the Working@Chapman newsletter, please submit through this form.
  • Social Media