Checking Location Availability and Details in 25Live

As an event planner, the Location Search in 25live is a highly valuable feature for helping you easily identify available Chapman locations and further learn about the location details. You can do this before you enter the ‘create an event’ process saving you time and wasted energy. Once you select a location in the Location Search, you can apply it to a new event instantly.  Please follow the instruction below to use the location feature in 25Live.

1) Make sure you are logged into the 25Live system.

2) From the homepage, click the Location tab.



3A) Within this page you can search by keyword under the Search for Locations tab.


3B) To search by a set of criteria, click on Pre-defined Location Searches and select a search under Search Groupings.  Example: Under Categories, select a specific category to view all locations in that category.


4) Once a set of locations are displayed, click on the Availability Tab. You can now see other events and schedule your event accordingly to the schedule grid. Once you select a time and location, the system will automatically take you to the ‘Create an Event’ form and populate your location.




Go to Getting Started: 25live Event Scheduling System