Creating a Zoom Registration Page


In this module you will learn how to set up a Zoom meeting with required registration for your guests. This is especially helpful when hosting meetings and/or webinars with users that we’d like to collect information for.

This is also useful because it gives your Zoom meeting a landing page that can provide users with a place to get a description of the event and information like date and time. This is a better user experience than having them click on a direct meeting link that prompts an auto-open of the Zoom app.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 12.23.54 PM.png

Scheduling the Meeting

In this section, learn how to schedule a Zoom meeting with required registration.

Adding Data Points to Collect

In this video, we’ll discuss the registration editing options. We will go over how to add different data points for collection and how to add custom questions to ask your registrants.

Adding Branding Elements and Wrap Up

In this video, we add discuss image size requirements, adding branded assets to your registration page and we look at our finished project.

You can use this pre-sized Chapman lockup for your registration page or you can resize your own using a tool like Photoshop or ourĀ tool.

Keep dimensions in mind

Banner Image: 1200×400 pixels

Logo: 400×400 pixels

chapman master brand

*Final Step for Chapman Family Homecoming

If you are using this tool to schedule your Chapman Chat for your school/college. Please provide the meeting link to Cristina Hallock & Tod Brewster