Deleting Element in a Widget

This article will show you how to include a Personnel Table widget to the Primary Content section of your site, and how to add information to the table. 

For this example, we are focusing on “Tabs,” but moving elements is the same for all widgets

Step 1: Select the page you’re going to update and click “Edit.”

Step 2: Go to the widget where you want to delete a specific element. For the element you want to delete, click the red “X” on the very right.

Note: Make sure you click the red “X” next to the element and NOT the “X” next to “Widgets” which will delete the entire widget.


Step 3: Once you click the red “X,” the element should be deleted and the remaining ones will rearrange to reflect your new changes. Now, you have three elements instead of four.

If you have questions or need help with deleting elements in a widget, please contact your web coordinator.

Go to: Getting Started: Cascade CMS