Cascade 8 Training: Editing Pages

Editing a page in Cascade 8 works fairly similarly to previous versions, it may just look a little different. When you first open the page and are in Preview mode, you can begin editing by clicking on the Edit button at the top right of the page. Other features that used to be in the set of blue tabs across the top are now located in the …MORE menu in the top right corner of the page. Here is the old and new menus for comparison:

OLD menu:


NEW menu:


Some of the features you used in the past such as Copy, Relationships, Live, Delete and Analytics etc. are now found in the ….MORE menu. Here’s a full list of what you’d see in there:


Aligning Images

One thing that does work differently in Cascade 8 is aligning text around images in the Text Editor widget.  Previously you would add an image and then go to the Advanced Tab and use the Alignment=Left option. The process now is to use the text alignment buttons within the editor after the image has been inserted at the beginning of the paragraph. With the image already added, and “selected” as shown below, click the Align Left button.

This will wrap the text to the right, with the image on the left.  Don’t worry about it being close to the text, our stylesheets will add appropriate padding.