Adding an Event to the Chapman Events Calendar (Event Submission Form)

There are two ways to add an event to the Chapman Events Calendar at

  1. The most common way is to use the 25Live event scheduling system, which is required for all events that occur in shared Chapman campus locations. This includes most locations on campus. This system will automatically produce an event listing once your “public” submission is confirmed.
  2. For all the other event locations, which includes external Chapman event locations and events in hidden Chapman locations, we have created a “submit event” form that can be accessed at

“Submit Event” Form

This form acts similar to the normal edit mode with the addition of a couple features listed below. To get a rundown of the full edit mode, visit our article on Understanding the Edit Mode on the Chapman Events Calendar.

Location: The major different between this form and the normal edit mode is the addition of the location selection box. If you submit from 25Live, your location is locked in that system and can only be updated there. Since this form is for external events and hidden rooms, you have the option to add locations or select already preexisting location that has been entered into the system.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a request form, your submission will go to a moderator that will approve or deny your location selection. This form is not a replacement for 25Live or a way to bypass any approval request for hidden rooms or external locations.

The “Edit Location” dialog box allows you to do two things: search from an already set list of external/private locations, or “add new location” which will need to be approved by the moderator.

For a virtual or online event using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or another online platform, you can type and select “Online”.

Time and Date: Another feature that is traditionally locked from 25live that is open on this form is the time and date selection. Since these events do not need to exist in the same scheduling sandbox as the rest of the chapman campus events, you have the option to choose your time and dates. Again, this will go through an approval process before going live.

There are options for single, multiple and reoccurring dates, so you have a lot of control your event time and dates.

Approval Process

Once you finish with your submission and push “Submit” the event will be sent to a moderator to approve. Once the moderator approves your event, a confirmation email will be sent and you will be given the keys to the listing page to make further edits as needed.



If you ever have question about the submission process or the Chapman Events Calendar, please contact Tod Brewster

Go to Getting Started: The Chapman Events Calendar (