Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons

Your Facebook homepage is an important destination for prospective students and the Chapman community to learn more about your college or department. Facebook offers a call-to-action button on your cover photo that can link to any destination on or off Facebook. This is an opportunity to provide the most relevant information to your followers (ex: contacting your college or department for more information).

To add a call-to-action button to your Page:

  1. Go to your Page’s cover photo and click Create Call-to-Action.
  2. Choose the call-to-action that best fits your d esired action, enter the URL for your website, and click Next
    1. The most common call-to-action for Chapman Facebook pages will be “Contact Us,” with a link to your college or department Contact Us page.
  3. The next two screens, iOS Destination and Android Destination, should have Website selected. Continue in the process and click Create.

You can track the number of people who have clicked on the button using the insights for “This week” on the right side of your Page. The section CTA clicks will tell you how many people have clicked your call to action that week.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.22.04 PM

According to Facebook, the call-to-action feature will roll out worldwide this year. If you are not seeing this option available on your page yet, it will be added in the next several months.