Finding Photography for Marketing Collateral

Photography touches every aspect of marketing and communications. From posters and flyers to web pages and social posts, finding a complimentary photo is often what sets one marketing element out from the next. Here are some details on how to use photography and where to find them.

Photography No-Nos

  • Never grab a photo directly from Google Image Search. You will most likely be breaking copyright laws. Always look for the image’s licensing requirements before using. Often, attribution is required at a minimum.
  • Try to avoid stock photography that looks like “stock” photography. Students are very savvy about noticing this and usually, it gives a negative reaction. Here are a few examples:
  • For Chapman in general, we try to avoid graphically designed elements. For example, predesigned images like buttons, vector art, etc. Usually, these photos bring with them a design that is not congruent with the brand. For more information on our actual policy for our web presence, please visit our Universal Web Guides and look for “1.2.13. Image Handling

Where to Find Photography

  • Work with SMC to find an existing photo – SMC has a big library of photos and students to help you locate one that fits. Reach out to for assistance in finding a complimentary photo.
  • Schedule time with an SMC photographer – SMC has a few student photographers that support the campus community. Use this form to schedule a photographer.
  • Use the filters in Google Image Search – In Google Image Search you can filter your result by usage rights. As you can see in the below screenshot, you can show only photos that are marked  as “Labeled for Reuse.” it is still recommended to click through to the image source and locate the licensing requirements per the creator. 

  • Last resort, buy stock photography from a reputable source – There are plenty of stock photography companies that will gladly sell you the rights to a stock photo. Companies like, or offer affordable options. Look for “royalty free” images as opposed to licensing options since this does not require a timeline for usage.

If you have questions about photography in general, please reach out to your Strategist/Project Manager.

If you would like to use our image cropping tool with Chapman’s preset sizes, visit

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