Frequently Asked Questions | Brand Guidelines

Updated: March 1, 2018

Q: The launch is over. What do I do now?

A: Work closely with your SMC Partner Services representative. They will walk you through how we can start to incorporate the new brand campaign into your marketing and communications. SMC will also be in touch regarding additional training and other opportunities to get involved.

Q: What is the rollout timeline?

A: The official celebration and launch of the brand took place during the State of the University on February 23. However, SMC has already started to integrate the brand into current projects and will continue to do so for all future work. Work is also being done to impact the Admissions communications for the 2019 cycle.

Q: What are the next steps?

A: Chapman communicators should begin integrating the new brand platform into their communications moving forward. Brand Guidelines are available for communicators, and some training has already taken place with key communicators. Additional brand sessions will begin in the coming months to equip everyone with comfort and confidence to use the brand in everyday communications.

Q: What is the specific plan (i.e. roadmap, actionable timeline) for getting Chapman to full or almost full implementation? For example, when can partners expect to have their logos, printed recruitment pieces (one-sheets, brochures, etc.), website, signage, swag, etc. aligned with the new branding?

A: There is not a specific date that we anticipate everything will be changed. To be mindful of workloads and budgets, we expect full implementation to take at least a few years as we update communications as they come due for updates or reprinting. Ideally, we would like to look back at our communications in 3 years and be able to see that the brand has successfully integrated across the University. Due to the prominence of the main University website in telling our story, efforts are underway to work on updates this year.

Q: What is the brand narrative and must we use that wording?

A: The brand narrative is a tool used to share the verbal expression of the brand and to demonstrate the use of our new voice and tone. It helps to articulate the brand platform, but isn’t meant to be used verbatim for communications. The narrative should be used as inspiration, while certain words and phrases will likely be used in communications.

Q: What does “personality” have to do with the branding?

A: The personality is how we bring our messaging to life through the voice and tone of our brand. Just like we do with people, we develop personality traits for our brand to help our audiences have an emotional and rational connection with how they think and feel about Chapman.

Q: Is “Anything Imaginable” our new tag line?

A: No, we do not consider it a tag line. It is the most succinct way in expressing the new brand. The phrase itself should not be used in every piece, but the spirit of this idea should come to life in all our communications.

Q: What if I don’t have the Futura font? Can I get it?

A: The Futura font will most often be seen in designed communications and marketing collateral created by SMC. This font is not readily available for the campus and comes with a cost. It does not need to be used in all forms of communications. The Arial font serves as a substitute when Futura is not available, and is suitable for everyday communications like email, PPT, etc.

Q: Will our website look different?

A: Updates will be made to the website that align to the new brand platform. Some visual elements will change immediately during the launch, on February 23. A more strategic effort to update the website is also underway.

Q: What are the connecting lines for?

A: The connecting lines are a simple graphic tool that works with the rest of the brand elements to distinguish us from our peers and create a look that is instantly recognizable. When they are used consistently, this element creates a visual continuity within our family of materials across a variety of media.

Q: Is every piece of digital and print collateral going to look the same with the connecting lines?

A: The connecting lines are one of the optional design elements that can be used in communications. It is not mandatory on all pieces. However, the use of the wave creates a visual consistency throughout the communications and will be used often.

Q: Are the logos horizontal only? What if that does not work for the piece?

A: The horizontal logo option is the preferred use for communications. However, there will be times the horizontal option is not suitable for the design and a stacked version could be necessary. Please reach out to SMC for these instances and for further assistance.

Q: Why should we promote a department and not the degree? We are pushing graduate enrollment, not advertising the department. If we leave off the degree as an option, can we leave off the department?

A: Department names can be included in the logo in the specified format as part of the sub-brand that may (or may not) support the degree, but ultimately the degree can be promoted within the copy of the ad, which is preferred.

Q: Will we create individual logos for each institute and center of excellence on campus? What about physical spaces or new buildings?

A: This is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. It is unlikely new logos will be developed as the strength of our identity is in the recognition of the master brand/primary logo.

Q: The existing design template seems to dictate that only horizontal images can be used, at least for an 8.5 x 11” ad. What do we do when we want to use a vertical image? Is another template being created?

A: The sample designed pieces are purely examples for bringing the brand to life and should not be considered templates. There is flexibility in the brand to use different size images and create pieces using a different layout.

Q: Who do I direct questions to?

A: Please direct questions to your Partner Services Representative and Operations Team representative

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