Getting Access to Begin Posting on Your Blog

This article will show you how to gain access to your blog and when you can begin posting

Once your blog has been set up by the web team you’ll be asked to meet briefly with your web coordinator to go over best practices, simple rules to follow and any additional questions you may have. Once you’ve completed this, your web coordinator will set you up with an account for your department’s blog. An invitation email will arrive in your inbox asking you to log in using your Chapman credentials, then you’re ready to begin posting as soon as you’re ready.

A common question we come across are from users who already know WordPress well – do they need to be trained again?

If you’re familiar with WordPress it will make training briefer, however we still want to meet with you to discuss best practices and what’s expected of you when owning and posting on your own blog.

For additional questions on access and posting permissions, please contact your web coordinator.

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