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Headlines are supposed to do the heavy lifting, so don’t be afraid to make a bold statement. Just be sure that the result sounds like Chapman. To help you create compelling messages, we’ve established several frameworks that will help you write strong and effective headlines. This set of ideas isn’t a comprehensive or restrictive list; rather, it’s an easy way to get started using the brand’s voice.

Note: brand headlines must include punctuation (a period at the end of the headline).


  • Headlines in this pattern are a confident call to action, relying on strong verbs to highlight the boldness of the brand and the entrepreneurial spirit of Chapman.
  • Examples:
    • Discover anything imaginable.
    • Create anything imaginable.
    • Explore anything imaginable.


  • These constructions are an extension of the pattern above. Used effectively, they incorporate clever wordplay or turns of phrase that are paid off in a subhead or body copy. The message should encourage the audience to take chances and make bold decisions.
  • Examples:
    • Start something unstoppable.
    • Create something unbelievable.
    • Do anything conceivable.

HERE TO ___________________.
HERE FOR __________________.

  • This headline format makes a strong statement, which is followed by a powerful payoff in a subhead or body copy. These lines work well for relating specific details about Chapman that connect to key benefits for the audience
  • Examples:
    • Here to make bold decisions.
    • Here to ask hard questions.
    • Here for every big idea.

+  __(-LY ADVERB)___ .

  • Compelling and emotional, this simple construction allows to make expressive, active statements that draw your audience in.
  • Examples:
    • Act thoughtfully.
    • Live beautifully.
    • Experiment boldly.


If you have further questions about the brand and how to use it, please reach out to your SMC Strategist and Project Manager.

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