How to Set Up WACUBO Digital Signage Computers

  1. Turn the computer on
  2. Sign in using the credentials stored in our password manager
  3. Open Google Chrome and sign in to using the credentials stored in our password manager
  4. Click the yellow “!” in the Google menu button and remove the Adobe Acrobat extension
  5. Click “apps” in the top left corner of the Chrome browser and click “Chrome Remote Desktop”
  6. Under “my computers” click “get started”
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click enable remote connections
  8. Click “accept and install”
  9. “Run” the file from (from the IE popup)
  10. Click “okay” in Chrome Remote Desktop after the file is installed
  11. Enter the pin that is designated in our password manager
  12. After remote connections have been enabled, click “okay.”
  13. In a new chrome browser, go to
  14. Click the start button and right click “computer” and press “properties”
  15. Type the computer name into the Google Sheet in an empty column (hint: you can copy and paste if you click “change settings”
  16. Make a sticky note that matches the words in the 2nd column of the Google Sheet (Vendor-1, Vendor-2, Vendor-3, social-schedule)
  17. Write the last part of the computer name on the top of the sticky note (example: 5QT5LQ1)
  18. Copy the URL in the 3rd column on the Google Sheet to the clipboard
  19. Open a new browser tab in Google Chrome, and click “apps” in the top left corner of the browser
  20. Open Kiosk mode
  21. Paste the contents of the clipboard in the “content URL” field
  22. Check all boxes under “browser” except “enable new windows and dialogues”
  23. Under Administration, enter the credentials as indicated in our password manager
  24. Click “inactivity reset” and set to 15 minutes
  25. Click “daily restart” and leave it to the 4 am default
  26. Confirm “prevent from sleeping” setting is selected
  27. Press save
  28. Click the windows button + D
  29. Click the start menu
  30. Type “kiosk”
  31. Drag the icon to the desktop to create a shortcut to “kiosk mode”
  32. Shut down the computer