Getting Started: SMC Knowledge Base

If you’ve made it to this page, you are probably just getting introduced to the SMC Knowledge Base. Welcome.

What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base (a.k.a. “KB”) is a central hub for all of SMC’s guides, procedures and policies. The system is broken into two sections: public, which is guides, procedures and policies for our clients on campus that can be viewed without a login, and  internal, which is guides, procedures and policies for the SMC team members only that can only be accessed through a login.

KB vs. Main Website

This site differs from the main website in that it only includes in-depth guides, procedures and policies, organized in a searchable knowledge base manner. The main website is used more for marketing, contact, resources access and order submissions.

Getting Access to the System

As an SMC member you need to have access to the system to view internal articles and add/edit articles. As this is a collaborative and organic environment, your additions and edits will help make this a more comprehensive and effective systems. To get access to the system, please email Ross at

SMC Internal landing Page

Located in the top navigation, this page is a starting point for all internal SMC articles. If you create an internal article, you should also add your page link to the appropriate category on this page. This way other SMC team members will easily find it.

Site Organization

As you begin to add to this environment you need to be aware of the organizational structure. The site is built with “Getting Started” pages and regular “Articles.”

  • Getting Started pages are the table of content landing pages you create when you are compiling a bunch of articles into one category. This will help the viewer locate all the materials about a subject. You can see the 25live Getting Started Page for an example.
  • Articles are the meat of the site. They are the more in-depth pages that you link to from your Getting Started landing pages. This is where you write out your procedures and guides in full.

Learn how to add a page to the KB

Go to: SMC Internal Main