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Below is our brand narrative. It elevates our strengths, inspires our messaging and voice, and identifies what our audiences can expect from us. It forms the basis of an ownable, unique story for Chapman, and what it means to do anything imaginable.

There’s something that brings each of us to Chapman University.
It calls us here, to the edge of a coast, to the end of a continent,
on the brink of a discovery.

At the intersection of untapped possibility and untamed potential, big ideas
are born. And in a place where anything can happen, it often does.

That’s why each of us is here.

We’re here to make something. Our films, our designs, our business models,
our lines of code, our symphonies, and our scientific breakthroughs. To
explore every option as we try the hundreds of ways it won’t work, the
thousands of ways it shouldn’t work, and the one way it couldn’t possibly
work, but might.

We’re here to put in the time. Hours in the lab. Days in the studio. Weeks
abroad. Months in the field. Years in a community that works together and
challenges each of us to do more.

We’re here to create piles of good and great and weird and interesting ideas.
To bring them to life and deliver them to the world. To experiment boldly.
Act thoughtfully. Live beautifully. Explore tirelessly.

We’re here to become more. To solve the problems that make us better
thinkers. To gain the values that make us better humans. To join the teams
that make us stronger. And to surround ourselves with the people who prepare
us to rise to every occasion.

And we’re here to see what we can do.

So that when we take the stage or walk on the set or approach the lectern
or sit at the head of the conference table or stand in front of a team that looks
to us or command the room before us and the accomplishment we’ve worked
so hard for is right in front of us, we’ll have every experience at Chapman
inside us.

Every person we found inspiration in behind us. Every lesson we learned
within us. Everything we’ll become in front of us.

And when the world asks us what we can do, we answer:

Anything Imaginable.

The brand narrative can help us do three things:

1. Gut-Check Voice

Here are a couple questions that will help you determine whether the brand’s voice is reflected in your writing:

  • Does the tone of what you’re writing capture the spirit of “Anything Imaginable”?
  • Does it sound like the personality of someone who embodies the idea?

2. Stay on Message

Move beyond facts whenever you can. By addressing the motivation behind our stories and successes, we can create a stronger emotional tie with the audience.

3. Influence Visual Choices

Our brand does not just rely on written words. Refer to the brand narrative specifically through graphic treatments.


If you have further questions about the brand and how to use it, please reach out to your SMC Strategist and Project Manager.

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