Interactive Campus Map

Chapman University’s interactive campus map was developed by Campus Bird, a third party solution that makes updating and maintaining our map easier and more efficient. Because locations change often, we created a form that allows web contributors to request modifications, additions, or removals to the map.

Request Location Additions/Revisions Form »

For each location submitted, we will need:

  • Name of the location
  • Category (from the existing)
  • Address
    • Provide the address of the building you wish to add to the map.
    • If the location is within a building, we also need to know what part of the building it is in. You should provide coordinates or show where it is using a screenshot of the map (See image below).
    • Screenshot examplescreenshot of campus map location, beckman hall with star indicating certain location within building
  • Description
    • This should be short and provide context for the location.
    • Formula
      • Located at [address or building], the [service/department name] is [short description of what this department does or what the building houses].
      • If the location is on a certain floor, indicate that as well.
  • Link to webpage (optional)

Embedding the campus map onto your web page

If you would like to embed the campus map to your web page in Cascade, contact your web coordinator with the following details:

  • Locations that need to be viewed
    • We will set up the map so that selected locations will display by default when a user visits your page
  • What page you would like the map on(URL)

Hidden category

There will be special instances where you need to:

  • Select locations from different categories for a special event
  • Create a new category that is specific to your department for informational purposes

Hidden Category Request Form »

Once you fill out the form, the web coordinators can assist you in creating the hidden categories that can only be seen by those with the unique URL.