Introduction to Digital Signage

In an effort to organize and brand Chapman University’s digital signage on our campuses, Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) created the Digital Signage network. This network currently includes a digital signage system (, various campus flat screen displays and the Wilsontron screen. Please review the materials below to get a basic understanding of the elements involved.


Digital Signage: We use this term in reference to the flat screen displays (televisions) and the custom built content management system (CMS): SMC has developed an easy-to-use software system to update and manage the digital signage devices. This system is broswer-based and accessible from any computer for users to create, update and manage new slides to send to any connected signs.

Signs/Screens/Devices: These interchangeable terms are in reference to the individual displays that digital slides may be shown on. Often times this is in reference to the televisions displaying the digital signage slides

Slides: These are the individual pages or advertisements seen on the various devices. They are the creative part of the system that allow the user to customize their specific message and send to various signs.

Slide Creators: Every member of the Chapman community (with login credentials) has access to the digital signage system to create slides that will potentially appear on different signs around campus. When you select a sign for your slide to be on, it gets submitted to the Sign Owner for approval. Slide creation does not guarantee it will be approved for signs.

Sign Owners: Each digital signage sign is owned by a school or department. Within these areas there is one or more main contacts that are the gatekeepers of content. Please see our Requesting Digital Signage slides on Specific Devices article for requesting your own sign procedures and contact information.

Wilsontron: This is a single jumptron devices located next to Wilson Field. This sign is connected to the just like the smaller signs around campus.

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