Left Column Content Widgets – Featured / News / Events

This is an article explaining how to add a Featured/News/Events widget to your left column content section. The widget showcases posts, news, and events relating to Chapman University. 

Step 1: Select the page you’re going to update and click “Edit.”

preview of three column page

Note: Make sure that the page you want to edit is highlighted in the site content menu.

Step 2: The editing pop-up will display basic information about your page in the first section. In the next section, you will see regions that represent different areas on your page that you can edit. Since we are focusing on left column content, select the corresponding region.

section with collapsible regions representing different sections of page

Step 3: Once you click on left column, it will expand and give you the option to select a widget. Select “Featured / News / Events.”

dropdown area with featured/news/event widget highlighted

If you want to know how to add a new widget, refer to Adding a new widget.

Step 4: This widget has several different options to choose from: “Featured,” “News,” and “Events.” The text in parentheses indicates which section will display when the user first enters the page. For instance, if the text in parentheses says “Featured active,” this means the featured tab’s information will be visible unless the user clicks on a different tab.

Here are screenshots of the different options you can choose from:

  1. Featured
  2. News
  3. Events

showing dropdown menu of options for featured/news/events widget

Step 5: Click “Save & Preview” to see the changes you have made. If you need to make more edits, follow Steps 1 and 2 again to go back to your widget.

save and preview button


If you are satisfied with your content, go ahead and submit the page for approval and you are done.

featured news events widget in left column

If you have questions or need help with Left Column Featured / News / Events widgets, please contact your web coordinator.

Go to: Getting Started: Cascade CMS