Divider Line and Connecting Line Usage | Brand Guides

Our brand has simple graphic tools that work together to distinguish us from our peers and create a look that is instantly recognizable. When they are used consistently, these elements create continuity within our family of materials, across a variety of media.

Simple Lines

Image of the .5pt (minimum) and 2.0 (maximum) widths of the divider lines heights

Lines are an elementary graphic treatment, but by applying them deliberately, we can elevate a single design or family of communications. An easy way to be thoughtful about the use of lines is to establish a common weight throughout an entire piece of collateral.

Connecting Lines

Chapman connecting lines on redChapman Connecting Lines sample

Connecting lines are used as accents, providing a visual of movement to static layouts. Always use provided art files to maintain consistency. These artfiles can be scaled in size, stretched, or extended, rotated and faded to accommodate designs.


If you have further questions about the brand and how to use it, please reach out to your SMC Strategist and Project Manager.

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