Manual Checklist When Creating/Editing Content | Testing for Accessibility

Things to keep in mind when creating or editing content for web:

  1. Link text is descriptive and unique, and links don’t take you to a new browser window
  2. Images have accurate alternate text associated with them, and don’t contain text in the image.
  3. Tables are used for data.
  4. Headings are utilized to break up content and follow appropriate order and structure, for example:
    1. Main Topic(H1)
      1. Major Topic (H2)
        1. Minor Topics (H3)
        2. Minor Topics (H3)
        3. Minor Topics (H3)
      2. Major Topic (H2)
        1. Minor Topics (H3)
          1. Minor Topic (H4)
          2. Minor Topic (H4)
        2. Minor Topics (H3)
      3. Major Topic (H2)
        1. Minor Topics (H3)
        2. Minor Topics (H3)
  5. Videos have closed captioning added, and it has been edited for accuracy.
  6. Documents should be in PDF rather than Word Document form, and passed the built-in Accessiblity Checker

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