Modular Template: Adding a Widget vs. Adding a secondary Element

In the new 2 and 3 Column Modular Templates, you have the option to add widgets AND add secondary elements to a widget by using the green plus mark in Cascade’s backend edit mode. We are writing this article because there  may be confusion on the difference between these two action and where you need to click to trigger either.

Adding a Widget

When you want to add a new widget to your page, you will want to use the green plus mark that is found at the top of the previous widget. To make sure you are adding a widget and not adding another element, make sure the box above your green plus mark has the word “Widget” included. This will indicate that you are at the top level.


Adding a Secondary Element to a Widget

Secondary elements are supplementary regions that you can add to a specific widgets. This is a feature that has existed in previous templates and includes widget like collapsable regions, personnel tables, buttons, etc. You can add multiple regions to a single widget.

The green plus mark for adding new regions will be found next to previous element. As you can see in the image below, this green plus mark is found a few levels lower than the green plus mark used for adding a new widget.



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