Modular Template: Ordering Your Widgets on the Page

In the new 2 and 3 Column Modular Templates, you will have the option to add as many widgets as you need for your content. One of the benefits of the new templates is that you can now sort the order of each widget within each column.

The sorting feature is not a new feature if you’ve used the Cascade CMS, but it is becoming a much more pivotal part of your development process.

To reorder your widget you would use the up and down carrot arrows located next to the widget title. As you can see in the image below, each widget is labeled with a number. When you use the up and down arrow, you will be changing the sort number and it will appear higher or lower on the page.


  • You can also reorder the elements within a widget. For example, if you had a collapsible region widget with 4 different regions, you can independently reorder those elements.
  • Next to the up down and arrow is the minus button. If you select this button, it will delete that widget. Be careful when using this feature because the information in the widget will disappear.


If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to your web coordinator.

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