Monday “Happenings” Newsletter Process

Using the same newsletter tool at, log in and select from the dropdown menu the choice marked “inside”.

It will ask you for a subject line, date to be sent, and a calendar. Set the calendar to the appropriate week. Though the template is called inside, the subject line should always read “Stories and News at Chapman, Date Day Year”

Dawn Bonker will provide 5 stories to the designer, three for the ‘Top Stories’ section and 2 for the ‘Beyond Chapman’ section. She will also provide 5 images. For ‘Top Stories’ the image dimensions should be 260×165, for ‘Beyond Chapman’ the dimensions are 175×175.

You’ll need to plug in the stories and info manually using the “Create Custom” button – ensure that all fields are filled out. The search field will rarely work, so don’t rely on it.

Once those images are sized, they need to be uploaded to (the xx represents the date, which will need to be plugged into the ‘image field in the newsletter tool).

Next, Michelle Leslie will send the top three social posts for that week, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These need to be manually input just like the stories, ensuring that all fields are filled out. Again, the search field will rarely work, so don’t rely on it. You’ll need to size the Instagram image to 155×155 and place it in the same image folder. Occasionally the tool will locate the correct avatar, but if not I have one prepared at this link (

Final design step is adding the Trending Events section. During the summer we tend not to include this section, but at the designer’s discretion. You’ll again have to do this custom, we usually take what was included in the previous Thursday email, given that the event hasn’t occurred yet.

Once reviewed and ready, send to all faculty, adjunct, staff, students and the board of trustees using the 5 lists:

  • (,,,,
  • Moderator will approve.