Moving A Widget Up or Down

This article will explain how, if you’ve implemented multiple widgets, to move them up or down on the page. 

Step 1: Select the page you’re going to update and click “Edit.”

Note: Make sure that the page you want to edit is highlighted in the site content menu.

Step 2: The editing pop-up will display basic information about your page in the first section. In the next section, you will see tabs for different areas on your page that you can edit. Choose the area where you want to move your widget. The moving a widget process is the same for all areas in your page. Right now, we are focusing on the primary content.

Step 3: The area you choose will expand and you’ll see the widget tab with options all the way to the right. If you want to move your widget down, click the down arrow. If you want to move your widget up, click the up arrow.


  • If your widget is the first widget in that section, you will only have the option to move down.
  • If you widget is the last widget in that section, you will only have the option to move up.

Step 4: Once you click which direction to move your widget, the page will rearrange it to reflect your new changes.

If you have questions or need help with moving widgets up or down, please contact your web coordinator.

Go to: Getting Started: Cascade CMS