Notification Template

This slide should only be used in case of an urgent alert and can be activated editing the _notification page already setup in your /slides folder. Fields are:

Show: by default is set to No (do not display this slide). Clicking Show will activate* the notification.

Title: a short heading about the notification

Short Description: a short all-text description about the notification

*When set to Show, this slide will override all the existing slides on all devices it is tagged to display on and will remain so until it is deactivated by clicking Hide. This means it is the only slide that will display. The notification slide will begin displaying as soon as the slideshow(s) are re-published, either manually or via the the automated every 15-minute publishing process. It will remain so until the slide is reset to Hide and the slideshows republished.

Note that the notification slide may on occasion be overridden by a university-wide emergency notification managed by the SMC web team.