Organizing and Naming Your Files in The Cascade CMS

When using the Cascade CMS, please follow the proper file organization protocols explained below. This includes where you store your images and docs and how you name your files for clarity and usability.

_Files Folder Location

In Cascade’s site tree, you will notice  a “_files” folder that is located in your department’s main folder. This folder is where your files must be uploaded and organized. If you do not see a “_files” folder in your specific main folder, most likely it is one level up. So instead of being in “/about/faculty”, it will just be in “/about.”



_Files folder Organization

Once you have located your “_files” folder in the site tree, you will want to to follow some basic rules to help keep your section clean and organized. This will help you find the files later.

Folder Organization

Within the “_files” folder you have free reign on how you upload your files. From our experience, just loading all your files in the the general folder can get very messy, very quickly.

We suggest you organize your files by page and type. As seen in the screenshot below, the secondary folders are broken down by page or subject. And within each of these, there is an image folder (.jpg,.png, etc.)  and a documents folder (PDF, .doc, etc.).


Important Notes: 

  • PDFs are the preferred document type. It will lock the information and open the file in a broswers window. Word Docs and Excel files, will be unlocked and trigger a download for the visitor.
  • .jpg or .png are the preferred image type. They are the most commonly used and accessible.

File Naming Conventions

As you begin uploading your files to the correct “_files” folder explain above, you will want to follow our simple naming conventions. These rules are in place to create a consistent and easily read experience for our users.

Please follow these rules:

  • use only lower case
  • use dashes instead of underscores or spaces when separating words (and always separate words)
  • always have the file extension included at the end of the file (.jpg, .pdf, .doc,. png, etc.)

EX: sample-image.jpg

Important Notes:

  • If you forget to put the file extension (.jpg, .pdf) your browser will not know how to read the file. In Cascade, it will show an error message like the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.43.58 AM

If you have questions or need help renaming the files, please contact your web coordinator.

Go to: Getting Started: Cascade CMS