Recommended Length of a Blog Post

This article will provide with information on the recommended length of a blog post. Though there is no policy dictating exact word length, SMC recommends that blog posts be quick, light and engaging in the shortest length necessary. 

A blog post should always be short in length, heavy in information and fun and friendly in tone. Though there is no mandated length for each individual blog post, it’s best practice to write the least amount of words to get the most amount of information across to the reader.

When people visit a specific blog they aren’t looking to read long, drawn out articles – rather to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. Always keep in mind that you want to engage your readers as much as possible, and the majority of readership on websites is based on ‘less is more’, and the less time you take to tell your story the better chance you have getting all of your information across to your reader.

If you’d like to discuss best practices further and determine what is appropriate for your post, please contact your web coordinator.

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