Replacing Files in Cascade

When attempting to replace a document, be sure to replace the document or image rather than adding a new one. Cascade should not be a place to house older files. Please follow these rules when updating your files. When replacing a file, you should just edit the existing file instead of uploading a new file. By uploading on top of the existing file, this will prevent you from having to fix the links on each page to the newly uploaded file, and will prevent the CMS from getting bogged down with too many unused files. The process of replacing a file can be shown in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Select the file you’re going to update and click “Edit,” just as you would when editing a page.

Step 2: The editing pop-up will give you an opportunity to “Drop” or select a file to replace your old file with. If the file you are replacing is a PDF, move on to step 3. If the file you are replacing is an image, make sure you are replacing the dimensions of the photograph exactly so that the image replacement matches, unless you are intentionally seeking to change the dimensions of the image.

Step 3: After uploading a new file, a draft will be saved of the image and you will have the option to preview the change, resume editing or discard it. If everything with the file upload looks correct, go ahead and click “Save & Preview.”

Step 4: Your file has been uploaded, but you will have to go to the respective page it exists on in order to see the change in action.  Note: If you get to the page you were trying to replace the file on, and the file isn’t what you want (be it a sizing issue, a cropping issue, or now the wrong file altogether), be sure to just repeat the previous process until you get it right.  

If you need information on the process of uploading a file to Cascade, please visit this Uploading Files article.