Issues joining the Chapman University Community on Facebook?

Here are the instructions to help move this forward.

Did you receive an error when you tried to join the Chapman University Community on Facebook with your email address? The Chapman Community groups on Facebook currently require a “” email address to join and students with a “” email address are not being added to the groups.

What are the next steps?

Facebook has requested that individuals experiencing issues submit a report of the issue to help get it fixed. Below is a step by step guide to walk through the report process.

Step #1

Go to the Chapman University Community on Facebook:

Show that the required format is “”

Go to the Chapman University community on Facebook, Click join group, Enter your email address, Take a screenshot of the email address you are trying to join with

Click the Question Mark

Click the question mark icon in the top right of your Facebook window and click “Report a Problem.


Select “Something Isn’t Working”

 Select “Groups” from the “Where is the problem?” dropdown menu.

Fill out the “What Happened?” section

You can use the following statement. “The Chapman groups are not accepting email addresses.

Upload Screenshot and Send