Slide Approval Process: Requesting Digital Signage Slides on Specific Signs

The Digital Signage network consists of various digital signage signs around campus managed by specific schools and departments. Each of these schools and departments are the gatekeepers of the content that gets published live on their screens. The information below explains the process of requesting promotion of your slide(s) on another school’s or department’s sign.

Approval Process

Step One: Slide Creation. All Chapman community members with login credentials can create slides through Each Slide Creator is responsible for the creation of their slide, not the Sign Owner. As you are building your slide in the system, one of the last items on the form will ask what signs you want to be on.

This is the view the Slide Creator has when selecting signs. The list will show all available signs.

Screenshot of signage systemStep Two: Sign Selection. Once you choose the sign(s) you want your slide to be on, an email notification will be sent to the Sign Owner for approval. The Sign Owner has total control over the content that goes on their signs. Note: Please be respectful to the Sign owners and consider your audience when selecting which sign(s) to target (ex. Law events would most likely not be shown in the art building).

When you are waiting for approval or denial of your slide, you will see a note stating “pending approval”

pending approval screenshot

Step Three: Sign Owner Approves or Denies Slide. It is now up to the Sign Owner to approve or deny the slide. The Sign Owner(s) will be emailed and they can see a notification on their notification tab within If they “reject” a slide they can add a custom note to the slide creator.

Remember to add a custom note before you push the reject button. 

screenshot of approval

Step Four: You Slide is Approved or Denied: After the Sign Owner approves the slide, it will be live on the dates you identified. No further action is needed. The Sign Owner retains the right to remove your slide whenever if you didn’t indicate an end date. If the slide is denied, you can try to resubmit with corrections if they indicated any changes required. Please do not harass the Sign Owners by submitting the same slide after being denied.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact your web coordinator.

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