Resources for Making Digital Content Accessible

It is important that our websites, video, email, and documents that are shared with others online are accessible to all users, regardless of disability. For Cascade CMS users, creating pages for the main website, an Accessibility training has been initiated and all users will be asked to attend that (see powerpoint). However there are a lot of other areas that aren’t covered by that training.

This page is still a work in progress but we’ve pulled together some external resources that may assist in several of these areas until we have a chance to develop our own in-house.

Understanding Accessibility

Introduction to Web Accessibility:
This is an overview of what it means and why it’s important.

How People with Disabilities Use the Web:

Understanding Accessibility Reports in SiteImprove.
This a service we pay for and our Cascade CMS authors have access to view reports on issues on their pages.–video-Accessibility-New-User-Training


How to Use Automatic Captioning for youTube video:

How to edit or remove captions from youTube video:

Tips for Manually Creating a Transcript File for youTube video:

8 Steps to Creating Accessible Video:
This is an overview of many concepts, not specific to youTube or Vimeo and contains a lot of good information.

FAQ from W3C on multimedia accessibility:


How to create accessible emails:

Word and PDF documents

Word documents are commonly the source document which is edited before converting to a PDF to link from a webpage.

How to create accessible Word documents:

Converting a Word document to an accessible PDF document:

Checking PDF for accessibility: