Setting Your Facebook Page Avatar Thumbnail

The Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) department recently created updated social media avatars for the approved accounts on campus. SMC has offered for service for years and this update was made for University brand consistency. Using this updated social media avatar is not required, but it is strongly recommended for consistency and visual appeal.

Please contact the Interactive Marketing Specialist for your school or college updated social media avatar if you have not received it.

While we needed to include the school or college name for branding consistency, you can set your Facebook avatar thumbnail to highlight the icon used. This “zoomed in” look pairs nicely with the page name in your posts. See the College of Performing Arts example below. Please note, this option is not available for department accounts at Chapman University because the icon used in the updated social avatars is the University monogram.

Chapman University College of Performing Arts example of the zoomed-in thumbnail in a status update.

However, if you click on the page’s profile image you will still see the high-quality image with text included (see below)

Edit your Facebook avatar thumbnail with the following steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Go to your school or college Facebook page
  3. Hover over your current avatar (profile picture) and select “Upload Photo”
  4. Upload the updated social media avatar provided by the Interactive Marketing Specialist
  5. When it asks you to crop, select “Skip Cropping”
    1. A message will appear that says, “The entire photo will be saved as your profile picture. Reposition the photo to set the thumbnail”. This is how to select the “lights” area and how it will appear when you’re using Facebook.
  6. Reposition the highlighted area to include your icon
  7. Save

If you have questions about this process or your social media avatars, please contact the Interactive Marketing Specialist.