Social Media 101: New to the online Chapman Community?

1. Consult Strategic Marketing before creating an account.

  • Consult with your account executive, web coordinator, or the interactive marketing specialist before creating a new account.
  • Brainstorm the type of content you would share, map out a strategy, and consider the time and energy necessary to manage an interactive community.

2. Register your account(s) with Strategic Marketing.

  • Provide contact information for the accounts’ managers and administrators.

2. Review the social media policy.

  • Familiarize yourself with the university’s policies, guidelines, and expectations.
  • The policy includes criteria such as proper naming of pages, branded profile images and avatars, consistent posting, comment moderation, and grammar.
  • Adhere to the policy.

3. Learn best and proven practices.

4. Add your accounts to the Social.Chapman directory and live feed.

  • When your accounts have been approved by Strategic Marketing, the Interactive Marketing Specialist will contact you to upload your accounts to the directory.
  • You will login to, and add accounts to your “organization.”
  • Note: The IMS will need to create an account and organization for you before you can login.

Questions? Contact your Account Executive or the Interactive Marketing Specialist.