Submitting a Wilsontron Request

The Wilsontron is the large outdoor screen located between Wilson Field and Argyros Forum.  To submit to the Wilsontron, please use Chapman’s centralized digital signage system found at This system is accessible to all Chapman members with Chapman login credentials on VPN or the Chapman Network.

Through, you can create slides and submit to various screens around campus, including the Wilsontron. Each screen is managed within the system by individuals around campus that approve or deny requests based on relevancy, space, time and quality.

For the Wilsontron, the approval process is managed by Strategic Marketing and Communications. Since this screen is highly visible on campus, the criteria to be approved will be more rigorous. Below are some details on what we will accept.

Designing Slides for Wilsontron

First off, if you are not trained on digital signage, please attend one of our Help Hours on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. You can also reach out to the Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist with questions.

Additionally, we have training and resource materials for Digital Signage on

In general when designing a new slide, we will look for these items:

  • Relevancy – Wilsontron is central, so more generalized messaging to campus is ideal
  • Strong clear headline – headlines should be easy to understand as a person walks by. Keep the subject matter to one item
  • Short supplementary details – details should be short and sweet with a clear call-to-action
  • Quality visuals – images and designs should meet quality and branding standards
  • Red brand bar accommodation – designs should accommodate the red bar that is present on all screens

Additionally, Wilsontron slides will only be allowed on the screens for a maximum of 3 weeks (unless approved otherwise by SMC). SMC will keep track of slides and remove them at the 3 week mark, so no need to schedule unless you have a specific date of removal. This can be scheduled in the system.

Requesting Use of the Wilsontron (outside of the slides)

On top of the slides that will be shown on the Wilsontron through, the screen can also be used for other purposes like film screenings and live streaming for events. To request usage of the screen for non-slide purposes, please email

Go to Getting Started: Digital Signage