Template-Specific Fields – Standard Slide

In addition to those fields already described in Common Fields section above…

Slide Background Style: A background image or video that fills the slide. If both an image and a video are entered, the video will display.The file for either must already be uploaded in to your _files folder in Cascade. Use the browse button to find and select one. All background images should be at least 1920×1080.

Image: an image in gif, jpg or png format
or Video: a video in mp4 format

Slide Foreground Style: This is an image or video to display to the left or right of the text. The alignment is determined by the Background and Text Alignment field mentioned earlier in this document. There are three options to handle these smaller foreground images:

  • Exact Size: the image will be placed within the image area (912×1080) at it’s exact size without cropping or stretching, image will be vertically top aligned and horizontally centered.
  • Fill Screen (do not crop): the image will be scaled to it’s max size within the image area (912 x 1080) without cropping, image will be vertically top aligned and horizontally centered.
  • Fill Screen: the image will be scaled and cropped to fill the entire image area (912 x 1080), image will be horizontally and vertically centered.

Within Primary Content (in addition to the Heading, Sub-heading and Organizer mentioned earlier), the Standard template has these additional fields:

Date/Time of Event: an optional field to indicate date and/or time if slide is for an event

Location of Event: an optional field to indicate where the event is taking place

Primary Content: a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to format rich-text content for display on your slide (mostly text with optional bolding and italics). Remember the devices are not touch-screen so clickable urls are inappropriate. Images should be uploaded into the other designated image and video fields and not into the Primary Content. Use the Heading and Sub-Heading fields for titles so that all slides have a consistent font type and size.