Thursday “Events” Email Development Process

Thursday Chapman email sampleCampus partners can submit events or announcements to be included in the Thursday email that is sent out weekly to our internal audiences. These audiences include students, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff and board of trustees. Partners fill out our Weekly eblast form, which collects photo and details that gets sent to SMC to compile.

All submissions are sent to designated email accounts. Currently this includes Andy Anderson, Aaron Singh and Ross Loehner. The current process is managed by Andy Anderson – ( If you need to be added to the email recipient list, email Ross Loehner (  or David May (

SMC Email Building Process

  1. Per the various submissions, SMC builds the newsletter for each week through our newsletter application found at
  2. The builder of the newsletter takes all the data from the emails and manually inputs it into the newsletter system. This requires image resizing, transferring data and reformatting to matches standards.
    • Note: The deadline for each week’s email is Tuesday at 5pm, so anything received after that doesn’t get included. Exceptions can be made, but at the discretion of the builder of the email.
  3. On Wednesday mornings, the email builder sends a proof to the various people in SMC to review. In the system, this proofing distribution list is already created and currently sends to the AEs and Aaron Singh. They review the whole email for spelling, grammar, accuracy – anything that may have missed when inputting things. They send the email builder back their edits to fix. No further proofs are sent unless there there are drastic changes. Ultimately, the email builder is responsible for the quality and accuracy of the final product.
  4. The email builder makes the suggested edits from the proofers and then on Thursday morning, they send it out to the campus.
  5. The email is sent out by 10am on Thursday morning. Once the publish is pushed in the newsletter system, this activates an approval process from IS&T in a system called “Mailman”.
  6. To approve these mass communications, an admin of “Mailman” has to log in to a dashboard and approve each of these 5 requests to each distribution list. Currently, approval of the final email is handled by Ross Loehner.

Newsletter Application How-Tos:

Review of the Email Submissions

Form submissions are sent directly to the email builder. This email includes photo attached  and submission data specific to their request.

screenshot of email submission

Creating a New Email Template for Thursday

  1. Log in to the newsletter system
  2. Click the red ‘New Newsletter’ button
  3. On the following page, input the specific details of your newsletter
    1. Select the “weekly” template
    2. Select the Thursday date that this specific email will be sent
    3. Write the subject line with in this fashion: ” Announcements & Events at Chapman, [date]”
      • date should be spelled out “August 2, 2017”
  4. Push next to be lead to the edit mode of that template
    • Note: once created, you can always get to the template through the link on the main newsletter page.  

add newsletter screenshot

Adding an Event or Announcement

  • Information to come

Proofing your email

  • Information to come

Final submission

  • Information to come


Old notes

  • Email builder organizes the form submissions. They come through like the below screenshot to one’s email. Photos are attached to the email.
  1. Some events may recur over the span of several weeks, so you may need to create multiple new templates.
  • Photo (which is attached separate from body text (it’s attached) should be sized at approximately 140×140
  • If the submission is an ‘announcement’ (meaning it has no actual date, it needs to be placed in the ‘announcement’ section of the newsletter – 265×185 for the announcements section.
  • Take that image and drag it into Photoshop and size it accordingly, in the Thursday email the dimensions are 140×140 for events,
  • Once all submissions have been included, a proof needs to be sent to the AEs. Select the box marked Account Executives and hitting send, they will get back to you with any changes they have. Make the necessary updates and save the newsletter.
  • Send to 5 lists (,,,,
  • Moderator will approve.