Setting Up or Repairing Digital Signage (CMS and Equipment)

When requesting digital signage, please think of the system in two parts: the content management system (CMS) and the physical equipment.

Content Management System: is our CMS. This is the system that runs the digital signage process so you can build and manage slides for your signs. This system can be accessed at any time from any computer. When setting up the actual equipment, all that is needed from this system is the url of the sign you want to display on that signs.

Requests about setting up the content management system can be directed to your web coordinator.

Equipment: To run the digital signage system on a screen on campus, the school or department must have a physical television screen that is attached to a sole-use computer with internet access. The actual devices that the digital signage will be displayed on are owned by the individual school or department, and they are responsible for paying for the equipment needed for any new setups or repairs. Purchasing new or repairing equipment is done through the Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) department.

Requests about the equipment can be directed to IS&T’s Service Desk. Please also loop in your web coordinator when requesting new equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: The digital signage system was built for standard 1920 x 1080 horizontal screens. If you purchase and install a digital signage devices that is vertical, we will not be able to link to the CMS to display your content. 

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