Voice & Messaging

Our message is what we say. Our voice is how we say it. Togehther, a compelling message and a consistent voice are what make the Chapman University story resonate. This is also how we stand apart from our peers. In this section, you will find guidance to help you achieve this across all of our communications.

  • Brand Narrative – Our brand narrative elevates our strengths, inspires our messaging and voice, and identifies what our audiences can expect from us.
  • Brand Personality – The personality articulates the tone and voice of our messages, and how we want our audiences to feel about the brand.
  • Voice Checklist – Through the words we choose and how we choose them, we can maintain a consistent tone in crafting a story that feels personal and real.
  • Headline Construction – Headlines are supposed to do the heavy lifting, so don’t be afraid to make a bold statement. Just be sure that the result sounds like Chapman.
  • Writing Style Guide – Consistency is key to writing effectively and on brand. Utilize this guide to make sure you are following established writing styles.