What is events.chapman.edu?

Our events website is an extremely useful platform that works to inform both students, staff and faculty on what’s happening at Chapman University.


The events page can be accessed by using the navigation drop-down on the homepage, or by going directly to events.chapman.edu. We will also be linking to the event listing pages through our other event promotional mediums like the weekly emails. website feeds and social media.

Public View

The List View allows individuals to scroll through a chronological list of events occurring at Chapman. This list can be filtered using the buttons on the left. This view pulls information directly from the event listings.

The Calendar View gives you the option to see the entire month and all the events occurring each day. You can click into each day to get a more full description of the events.


The Event Listings are the clicked-in view of each event. This page is a landing page for the event that lists specific details of the event like title, time, location, date, host, ticketing, etc.

Backend System

For information on the backend system, please visit our article Editing Mode Overview.

In this system, Chapman event organizers can update their listing details, add additional editors to their event or change the event status. This system is connected with the 25Live system, so information is pulled directly from that sources once your event scheduling request is confirmed.

Go to Getting Started: Chapman Events Calendar (events.chapman.edu)