Getting Started: Who to Contact at SMC

Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) works with you, our campus partners, to facilitate and develop marketing and communication plans and collateral for Chapman University. Please use the resources below to identify who you should contact and when.

There are three distinct paths when working with SMC: marketing strategy and planning, project requests and development,  and self-service options and support.

1) Marketing Strategy and Planning

To be truly effective marketers of a product or service, we should all be working from a strategic roadmap or marketing plan. These plans help define goals, target markets, audiences, timelines and marketing channels.

In SMC, the individual that helps guide you through this process is the Strategist. They works closely with your school or department to establish marketing goals and plans that connect to the full user experience. This ranges from larger enrollment and department marketing plans to event-specific campaigns.

2) Project Requests and Development

Once marketing plans are established and/or collateral needs are identified, the specific creative needs move into the project development phase where Project Managers will guide you through the process of creative defining, asset gathering, production, proofing and final delivery. Project Manager are assigned by project, not department, so submit your requests through the form below for assignment.

3) Self-Service Options and Support

SMC has developed a variety of self-service options that you can utilize to help in your specific marketing efforts. We understand that not every project can or needs to feed through our traditional planning and development process in SMC.