Design Elements

Our brand has simple graphic tools that work together to distinguish us from our peers and create a look that is instantly recognizable. When they are used consistently, these elements create continuity within our family of materials, across a variety of media.

Design Elements: Tagline

Download (web): Taglines (zip file)

Download (print): Taglines (zip file)

Multiple tagline designs, all include the words "Driven by Curiosity. Inspired by Chapman".
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Tagline fonts and colors. Driven by is in Futura Light Condensed and Pillar. Curiosity is in Futura Bold and Chapman Red


Examples of tagline in use centered on a red background , vertical on a white background, and at an angle around an image of a panther statue in a triangle.

Headline Triangles

Download (web): Headline Triangles (zip file)

Download (print): Headline Triangles (zip file)

Example headline in different colors in shade of Pillar, Pacific and Grove


Examples of using triangles behind headlines. Examples include a digital ad, brochure page and an envelope. The triangle is used in blue and in gray.
window graphic


chapman window example

Window inside Triangle

Downloads (web):  Window inside Triangle (zip file)

Downloads (print):  Window inside Triangle (zip file)

Five small triangle of various colors with a window inside; one large red triangle with a window inside.


Examples showing a window inside a triangle. Examples are a white logo on a red t-shirt, and a red logo on a white hat.

Chapman Pattern

  • Can be applied to our red, pacific and grove colors
  • If text or logo is on top of the pattern, use white font colors and logo variant

Downloads (web):   Patterns – all color variations (zip file)

Downloads (print):   Patterns – all color vatiations (zip file)

Chapman Pattern


Chapman pattern examples

Gray Lines

grey line samples

Photo Framing: Window Cutout

  • Can be used with a single triangle and the Chapman window
  • Work with SMC for photo cutouts and triangle overlapping

See all window cutout images on

Chapman Window Cutout


Window Cutout Examples

Photo Framing: Triangle Cutout

  • Can be used with a single triangle and the Chapman window
  • Work with SMC for photo cutouts and triangle overlapping

See all triangle cutout images on

Panther statue looks to the right. It mostly sits inside of a green triangle; its nose and ear stick out behind the triangle.


Examples of using triangle cutout images. Examples include an email layout with a Panther statue in a green triangle, a banner with a painter, and a digital ad with two dancers.

Photo Framing: Rectangles and Trapezoids

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layout pattern


layout samples

Chapman URL Design

  1. When used within a sentence, all words in the url should be set in lowercase.
    • ex: Visit
  2. When the url stands alone, the “C” of Chapman should be capitalized.
    • ex:
  3. All additional words should be set in lowercase
    • ex:

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow subdomains for standard Chapman website section urls unless a special circumstance and approved by SMC. Subdomains are designated for specific web environments, often required due to technical limitations.  (ex:,,, etc.)