Our photography style is often driven by academics, but should also feel lighthearted, confident and natural. Images can be broken down into four categories: portraiture, slice of life, detailed and campus.
For all categories, use natural sources of light whenever possible. Images should always feel warm, showcasing Chapman’s sunny Californian environment.
To avoid unnatural effects, never rotate the camera to an angle other than 90 degrees.


Our portrait photos should have an authenticity that comes from real emotion. Ensure that these shots always feel natural and not staged. It is important to maintain this balance in communications: confidence can be depicted both with a smile and with more neutral expressions.

Slice of Life

Slice-of-life images express peer-to-peer collaborations, as well as faculty and student interaction. Balance these groups shots with images of individuals who are engaged in their activity or area of study. It’s important to show a diverse mix of students in an accepting and supportive environment.


These images serve as a window into our areas of study, the tools of our trades and our environment. Interesting and unexpected perspectives should be employed to make the images dynamic.


Imagery of buildings should highlight notable architecture elements. Environments should include people when possible.